What is the rationale for Centripital's care model?

Bringing physicians, nurses, and staff together in precisely the same time and space to care for the same set of patients with a standard, shared teamwork model enables them to do things that are otherwise extraordinarily difficult or even impossible - ensuring safety measures are firmly in place to minimize the risk of predictable hospital complications, adjusting care to meet the wishes and needs of each individual patient, coordinating plans with family and support services for the fullest possible recovery during and after the hospitalization.

Cute little girl with her parents as they receive an update on her condition from a doctor and nurse

What are the benefits of Centripital’s standards for hospital care?

Hospital units that have adopted our standards have reported significant improvements in patient outcomes, including dramatically lower risk of hospital complications and in-hospital death, fewer unnecessary days in the hospital, lower risk of being readmitted after leaving the hospital, much greater patient and staff satisfaction, and lower overall cost of care. The benefits of our standards address the unmet needs of individual patients and their loved ones, the hospital professionals and systems that care for them, and society as a whole.

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Little girl and her parents in a consultation with a doctor and nurse in the hospital

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